Friday, 2 September 2011


the most waited time finally arrived!the victory day for all muslim in the world after a full month fasting in ramdhan.after the solat,i grab my camera and shoot as many pictures as i can.I have to be honst woth you,the atmosphere is kinda amazing.there's drama almost evry corner of the house.nahh...less talk now:)

omg!whats up with me and babies?well to tell you the truth,the joy is more describable by putting pictures of kids.but i gotta tell you,shooting with 50mm fixed lens is not easy as you think and i mean it.unless you have the blue remote that have 'pause' button in it that works universally,then forget what i said.and i have to be honest,this image is not as i hoped for,but its still lovely though:P

 despite,the 50mm also carries some bad impact into your photo,for this one,the fast aperture and badly setting exposure make the glare seems pretty obvious.well for a guy dont doesnt like to tweak much in photoshop( i find it somehow 'unnaturalise' the picture),it does bothers me when the glare imerge:(
i realy loves the originality of this picture,though i felt smething is missing in this picture...could anybody tell me why?

this studio like picture cought my attention..the lighting were perfect,you can see the shadow cast is less but yet appealing for some reason.ive probably babling something useless now..sight

this kid is the coolest!she could just stand frozen like that while im tweaking my exposure meter,and ive manage to capture her beauty:)

picture of the day!though this day should be the happiest day in all muslim's life.but few do suffer some granparent's hari raya day were different and less joy as my grandmother laying in her bed struggling from her sickness.this dramatic picture opens my eyes to a new perspective of others life during the same day.

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