Monday, 14 November 2011


hye there,

recently,ive installed the new cs5 on my mac,and i have to tell ya,it is astonishing to see what you can do with this wonderful software.a-must-have tool for someone who enjoys realising imagination.well,as a new user,ive benn doing some research about it and pheww,it was pretty difficult.i mean,cmon,cant u have more menus,interfaces,and there you go,some work ive been working out during my free time.

the first picture shows you how you can tweaks from a simple image(i simply choose to take flower as my subject so you know what im trying to tell ya bout).using photoshop,you wont see only the 'one click all edit' button but instead you have more varieties be tried:P.

in this particular picture,i dont simply turn it in black and white.instead,by lowering the saturation and increasing the hue a ilttle bit,and putting the vignette to add more dramatic feel to it.:P

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